Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flying Goodbye

Flying Goodbye
Set to music; not yet recorded.  

We leave the earth below
And the anxious traffic flows
A river of lights
Beyond beautiful sight

Time has made me slow  
er -- the more I leave I know
I  -- feel empty saying goodbye
Rattling inside

If I would let out all these feelings
I would be flooded
Standing still
My head above the ceiling
I wouldn't see you 
Not at all

So I just hold my breath
And say
Good bye

I love you, I love you
I ache with missing you
An empty place
You leave your trace

In my bones and through
Hidden in my spine, truly


  1. Not sure if I should put a smiley face because I like the poem or a sad face for the ache I know you feel.

  2. Moving. :-) What's the pic on top of? And, nailed some of my fears of moving away from WI.