Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SWBseeking SRw/SC (Note From a Uvula)

Who I wish to be is not who I am.  It is more of me and altogether less.

Freak Flag "Let your freak flag fly" is a phrase that may apply.  Problem: A lot of us have very very spongy flags and since there's always someone raining on us (mostly us) our spongy flag soaks up WAY too much weight and quickly becomes quite pitifully soggy and still (ie NOT flying).

Body. We're a part of a body but we eye the eyeballs and other more tangibly valuable members with envy, trying to be something else.  The body parts we think of as important are all feet and hands and ears, and we other 1,994 parts feel like a gaggle of appendixes.  While I'm pretty sure I'm not at all a thyroid (A uvula comes to mind for some reason... :/ ), I get the feeling there's many a thyroid dressing like a thumb.

Glands and Hormones Yay!  Once in a while, my head consumes a combination of scripture, helpful bible study, with a healthy dose of music, writing, and film (ignore the ad :/), which, all together, will remind me that weirdos can be great.  Suddenly I remember the many important, albeit infrequently discussed, parts of the body like pituitary glands, lymph nodes, and many hormones (hormones!).

SWBseeking SRw/SC (Single White Bulletin seeking serious relationship w/ Single Copier): I don't know what part of the body I am.  But part of it leaves notes like this for the church secretaries to enjoy or be weirded out by:
And another part rewrites them to be less funny and more clear:

The difference: Acknowledging God's view more and people's criticisms less.  He becomes the sole source of inspiration and approval both.  

The Simple Results: No longer restricting quirks that seem only self-gratifying (as in: most likely I'm the only one that enjoys my lame notes), writing more lame notes, make more lame videos, and publish, with zest!, the silly songs that have been sleeping for far too long.  

All to the glory of God. Again He shows His way is rarely the most predictable: Kill a giant/win a war with a sling shot; not a spear, really?  Die humiliated on a cross to save humanity, seriously?  Be uncool to be joyful in Christ, huh?  The unpredictability of His way makes His Glory and His Strength so much more visible.  Thus shall I embrace the weirdness and giggle over it with Toddler and the least until Toddler grows up to Embarrassed Teen.

More. There is so much more to this; someday this will be refined, parts moved and edited.  But not today; not even this month.